New Student Guide


Welcome to The Glo

We were all beginners once and we know it can be intimidating. No need to worry though, our barre squad is made up of babes of ALL ages and ALL fitness levels. You’re going to fit right in! Here’s a couple tips to get you started:

1.) Register in our MINDBODY system and buy your intro pack here.

2.) Check out our schedule and get signed in to all of your classes for the week.

3.) Join our Facebook Barre Babes page to stay up to date with everything happening at The Glo.

4.) What to wear: Comfortable workout clothes and sneakers for bounce. We have bare feet or barre socks for Barre. You CAN wear shorts or leggings for all classes, but keep in mind that we do a lot of leg lifting, so most people wear leggings. We have Boxing gloves and wraps available to rent or purchase.

5.) What to bring: We provide all of the workout equipment, but most people bring their own yoga mat and purchase their own boxing gloves. If you don’t have what you need, no worries, you are welcome to borrow a studio mat and rent gloves. We want you to stay hydrated, so bring a water bottle.