Barre is a FUN, low impact, high intensity, booty lifting, core tightening, leg shaking, arm sculpting, workout! This combination of pilates and ballet set to upbeat music tones in no time. Barre at The Glo stands apart from other barre programs because we incorporate cardio burst mixed in with the typical small isometric movements in your traditional barre class. It's fun, it's fast paced and low impact.

NO DANCE EXPERIENCE NESSESARY. Barre at The Glo is accessable for any body type and all levels of fitness — we want you to COME AS YOU ARE!


Cardio bounce

Want a workout that burns more calories than running? Melts fat? Gets rid of cellulite? Cleanses the lymphatic system? Reduces inflammation? Engages every muscle in the body? AND IS LOW IMPACT? Try Bounce at The Glo! It’s a super FUN cardio packed workout where we use mini trampolines. You’ll smile ear to ear as you bounce your way to better health.

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Boxing at The Glo was created to strengthen and empower! We follow the Boxing & Barbells formula created by Olympic level trainer, Cary Williams. Boxing & Barbells creates a synergy between boxing and strength training. Both are highly effective in improving cardiovascular health and building muscular strength, mobility and mind-body connection. This class challenges your grit AND grace!